Congratulations, Kurt!

I am very happy because I just read on-line that you have passed the Medical Technologist Board Exam! I have been praying fervently, and I have attended the retreat of Bukas Loob sa Diyos this weekend to pray with the prayer warriors just for you! My heart swells with pride because you are my son, and my love for you covers all corners of my being. I cannot contain it especially that I cannot hug and kiss you right now. I just need to write all of these. I want you to know that there is nothing I want more at this moment but the thought that I am physically with you, holding your hand and crying with you, sharing your victory. It is very painful to be so away and seemingly doing nothing. If you can only open my heart, Kurt Simon, you will realize how unfathomable my love for you is and will be. Remember that my prayers will always reach you and protect you where I cannot. So good luck on your journey, Pangga. Trust it and walk with faith. You are watched over by your mom and I will always stay here where you will find me someday. 

About CDE

Founder/CPA_I-Mgt. Tax Accounting Finance and Consulting & CDE Audit Firm ; Owner_Book Latte
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