My babies, I’m aboard an airplane right now and I’ve just negotiated a big deal between the government and some private firm. I am thinking about you and how I would like you to know that I am dedicating everything that I do for you. 
How I wish I can tell you all these in person, how I pray you will be proud of me someday too, and that you will be able to hear some good things about me, beside what you have right now. 
Oh how I’ve missed all golden moments with you, every detail when you were growing up. I should have been there every minute that you could have needed me. I should have helped you answer your assignments, I could have wiped every sad tear and rejoiced with you on your triumphs, walked with you every step of the way.
Still my heart will never give up, my dearest boys. My life I have offered to you. My sufferings are given to the heavens for your safety, dreams and intentions. I have nothing left except the consolation that we will be together again someday, Kurt Simon, Lance Michael and Drake Daniel. 

About CDE

Founder/CPA_I-Mgt. Tax Accounting Finance and Consulting & CDE Audit Firm ; Owner_Book Latte
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