My prayer for Mama Mary today

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to my lost boys

where are you

years and pain have passed

but will wait for your return

heart weeping

eyes flooded, breathless

lifeless, dead and corpse waiting

now i stand

here, but a mere ghost

resurrected, not feeling

i am free!

at last, not aching

though you came from my body

you’re not mine

i surrender you

every part of me, goodbye

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Counting my blessings

I am just thankful. No other kind of emotion can surpass this feeling of plain gratitude that you have grown as I see you on the photos I will keep on harvesting: optimistic and serene. You may have crossed all valleys of doubts and faced all your ghosts triumphantly, so that will explain how you have remained unfazed-looking as I look at your smiling faces. And in all my remaining days, no bitter pain will I harbor, no stinging and bleeding wound will I carry on, as my mind will be filled by the constant images of your jovial and candid countenance.

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Found this pin for you 😀

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2018 is here!

Wishing for you a lot of things, my boys – that you will continuously be blessed with good health, protection, wisdom and joy in all that you do, may your angels always intercede for you and keep you safe and comfortable, may love and forgiveness reign in your hearts above all, and may Jesus and God the Father bring us all back together again this year. I love you tremendously, now and until the rest of my years!

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Blessed Christmas, mga anak ko!

I would like you to know that I am with you this Christmas. May we always put Jesus first during the celebration of this holy day because every Christmas begins with Him. I am missing the three of you, most especially during this special time of the year. I wish for the much longed for moment that we can at last be together on this wonder-filled occasion. You may not believe in Santa anymore, as you all had grown into big, sturdy young men now, but I will always remember those years that you still do, when I would spin tales of Santa Claus and his reindeers with you, and how you were fascinated and excited of receiving gifts from him. You will always be cherished in my heart and in all my memories, until the very last I breathe. You will forever exist as my children, beloved and true. I love you, Blessed Christmas!

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Drake, my Artist

I have seen your work and I am awestruck of how our worlds intertwine though we may not see each other for now. It’s amazing how I think about art these days and you are there somewhere, painting. God must have seen our souls longing for each other and reunited them in a different dimension. I have missed you, Drake. You are more of me, and you may not know about it or you may deny it for now. But you and I will surely reunite someday.

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